Bexar County Deserves a better Probate Court

The "Anna Plan"

Here's what Anna Gordon Torres will do to help Probate Court One enhance the life of every man, woman and child in Bexar County:

  1. Follow the Law: This is the top priority for Anna, as it should be for every Judge. Unfortunately, there has been a growing trend of inconsistency on the benches in Bexar County Probate Courts. From questionable rulings, to outright incorrect decisions, there is a necessity for clear and concise rulings consistent with the laws of our state. With the inconsistent and unpredictable rulings, there is a disservice to the citizens of this county.
  2. Protect the Community: The elderly and disabled citizens of Bexar County are often the most susceptible targets for financial exploitation and neglect of care or abuse. Anna has seen countless occasions where bad actors have not been held accountable for the criminal actions against victims who do not possess the capacity to protect themselves. Frequently these individuals have no family members to care for them. It is a top priority for Anna to protect our most vulnerable citizens.
  3. Impartiality/Respect: Anna will refuse to disparage or show favoritism towards any party. Anna believes it is improper for a Judge to exercise bias or prejudice in a Court setting and will NOT do so as Judge. Anna shall treat all parties in a professional manner and without engaging in offensive or inappropriate conduct. It’s also important to Anna that the time and fees of attorneys and citizens be respected.
  4. Making Hard Decisions: Anna understands that her job as Judge is to use her discernment in making decisions. Anna will not cower away from hearings or from issuing orders on potentially difficult cases.
  5. Court Efficiency: Like most attorneys, Anna recognizes there is room for substantial improvement within the internal operations of the Court. By increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Court’s operations, and hearing cases according to the scheduled docket, attorneys and private citizens of Bexar county will all benefit.

Nonprofit ask licensed lawyers to rank 51 elected Bexar County judges

SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association asked every active, licensed lawyer listed as living in Bexar County to rank all 51 elected judges in the county as a way to guide voters who may not know much about those interpreting the law.

It's the eighth time the nonprofit has commissioned the poll. Civil, criminal and prosecutorial, a record 420 lawyers responded.

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